Hi, I am Anna.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Buckinghamshire.

Mum of my wild child Noah and little Theo and madly in love with my husband Robin I live and work between Buckinghamshire (UK) and Verona (Italy).

I love to create memories.

I loved the world of photography for many years but as soon as Noah was born I knew I wanted to capture as many moments as I could. Life moves on fast and many little details become distant memories. Those photos are my keepsake and I am eternally grateful that I did capture them.

If you want me to tell your story then please don't hold back, do intentional, break the rules that are not you, choose that boho dress that you like, wear your fedora hat and a red lipstick. I will be capturing the real emotions and the true connections, the essence of the day as it naturally unfolds.

I want to be able to capture those moments for you and I feel so thankful that you feel I may be the right person to do it.