Heirloom Book

Heirloom Books are an opulent case-bound books with exquisitely thin pages.

Perfect for showcasing images as individual works of art.

Heirloom books are case-bound books printed on a four-color digital press (CMYK).

They are the only non-layflat book in our product range and are specially designed to showcase individual images on each page.

This allows each image to stand alone as a work of art and allows the viewer to consider each photograph without distraction.

As this product has a printing "gutter" in the middle, there is no option of designing images across two facing pages as some portion of it will be lost in the middle.

Available sizes:18x12", 12x9" (vertical) or 12x12"

Pages: 50-176

Fabrics: Cover in Natural Linen, Lux Linen or Premium Pastel Linen

Personalisation: front Embossed names in Gold, White or Silver

Price: from £370

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